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Baby alpaca is one of the most valued textile fibers due to its magnificent qualities: with a very soft texture, it is an excellent thermal regulator; It is very easy to maintain, as it does not wrinkle and repels odors.

Its characteristics of lightness, warmth, resistance and durability are added to its properties as a natural fiber that make it hypoallergenic and organic.

The name alpaca baby refers to the first shearing of the animal and produces a top quality fiber.

One of the characteristics of alpaca wool is the great availability of natural colors that we can count on.

We also have a color chart at your disposal.

If you want to design your piece, contact us.

Merino sheep wool is a natural fiber that is characterized by the fineness and length of its fibers, which gives it extraordinary flexibility and elasticity.

This quality allows garments made with merino wool to recover their shape after use.

With a high heat capacity and softness to the touch, it is an excellent fiber for outerwear.

The wool produced by Cashmere goats has a natural crimp that facilitates the spinning process, helping the fiber to be handled with minimal stress. This gives it an extraordinary softness and shine, difficult to beat.

With a high calorific value, it is one of the most demanded natural fibers on the market.

Pieces on request and availability of yarns, contact us.

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