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About us

The rhythm of the sound of the looms has accompanied me since I was a child. I remember that I looked surprised at the pots where the magic of the natural dyes that colored the skeins of wool was produced. The experience of this process, the collection, preparation and finally the alchemy, the color, the smells, the learning… to see how the fabric was later built with a mathematical technique…

When my mother attended her first encounter with textiles, I went with her to Besalú (Girona). I was 7 years old. It is not surprising that, after finishing my studies, I joined the family business.

I began my journey as a weaver 18 years ago at the hands of my mother Concha Cruz, when I joined the family projects “Cruzes Textiles” and “ídem de lienzo” after finishing my teaching studies.

For years I perfected the craft of weaving with a low warp loom and natural dyes, as well as learning and experimenting with various techniques of textile creation, such as Free Lace, felts, embroidery, tapestry, tie dye…

Later I complemented my training by pursuing higher studies in Conservation and Restoration of Textile Cultural Assets, a specialty in which there was also a family tradition, in this case by my father. This training broadened my perspective and knowledge of the textile world.

My childhood was spent in the countryside and I returned to it in my adult life, rehabilitating a house in Sta. Cecilia del Alcor, a small town in the province of Palencia.

In the tejavana, where the grain used to be stored, I have set up my workshop. It is an open and bright space, where I can develop this wonderful work, which allows me to be close to what is important, the land and its people.

Since the beginning of the “idem de lienzo” project, the philosophy and objective of our work is to create current and innovative fabrics that are easy to wear, soft, comfortable and suitable for use in today’s life.

At the same time we work so that our garments are sustainable and respectful of the environment, producing the minimum carbon footprint during their production.

To achieve this we have three essential elements:

Artisan manufacturing allows us to make each piece individually. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable. Every day, the artisan has a strength and an intention that are reflected in the fabric. It is a 100% sustainable means of production and the carbon footprint of the process is zero.

The second element that we have to achieve our objectives are the natural fibers with which we carry out our work. The best fibers on the market: merino wool, alpacas, cashmere, natural silk, linen, cotton, bamboo… They help us to be able to offer you garments and household accessories that are careful with the environment and careful with your skin. They are garments that, if you take care of them correctly, will be with you for a long time. All the pieces that leave the workshop have gone through the washing and ironing process, which ensures that you will not have problems with their maintenance if you follow the instructions that we advise you.

Design is the element that makes the combination of the artisanal process and the use of natural fibers result in a garment that is easy to wear, contemplating fashion trends and taking into account: colors, textures, dimensions and weight, use and maintenance. . They are unique and singular garments, woven for you. We are sure that using them will be a pleasure.

With these three elements we are able to achieve our objectives, maintaining our philosophy of enhancing traditional wisdom, sustainability and respect for the object and the person who produces it.

Throughout our professional career, we have participated in many fairs in Spain and France, editions of the Craft Fairs of Palencia, Valladolid, Salamanca, Ávila, León, Burgos, La Coruña, Zaragoza, Getxo, San Sebastián, Guadalajara, Madrid, Nîmes and Vareignes

From “Cruzes Textiles” we have been suppliers of fashion and accessories companies such as; El Corte Ingles, Piedmont and Elisa Ribera in Madrid, Cristina Castañer and Hipotesí in Barcelona, Arbelaiz in San Sebastián, Rochas in Zarautz, or Sanci in Zaragoza.

We have also participated as “Cruzes Textiles” in several editions of the Madrid Fashion Fair (IFEMA) and the Pret à Porter in Paris.

Our work is focused on understanding your textile design expectations.
We hope to get it.

Luisa Guardo Cruz

Ídem de Lienzo
Exclusive handmade fashion

Calle Abilio Calderón, 10 – Santa Cecilia del Alcor
34191 – Palencia – Spain

Customer Service Telephone:
+34 617 14 33 03