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Textile, organic, warm, natural

Our work consists of combining the multiple factors that make up a fabric, its texture, color, weight, material, density, fall, with fashion trends, to create a unique piece that comes into direct contact with the person who is going to wear it. and awaken your senses to the warmth, softness, play of light and transparencies that the garment offers you.

The elaboration of the fabrics in manual looms, allows us to individually influence each one of them, creating unique pieces, giving them a particular and unrepeatable character; it is practically impossible to find two identical pieces.

And with a 0% carbon footprint during its preparation!!!!

It is logical that such special work is carried out on the best possible support, which is why we weave on truly splendid yarns in alpaca, cashmere, merino, camel, natural silk, linen, cotton, cellulose, ramie, bamboo…