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Poncho Étnico

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Handmade Ethnic Poncho unique piece.

The fabrics of the ethnic line is perhaps the series that has the most idem stamp of canvas.

Created as unique pieces, we use combinations of colors and textures that create our own design map.

The different characteristics of thickness and twist of the fibers and a meticulous study of color and chromatic ranges illuminate exclusive and impressive pieces.

Poncho woven on a low-belt handloom with natural yarns, baby alpaca, merino wool, natural silk, cotton, mohair… very soft and light to the touch.

Created as a unique piece with artistic variations of textures, chroma and design, on a low warp handloom, with a bed of roses tucked in.

The combination of the multiple factors that make up this fabric, its texture, color, weight, material, density, drape, give rise to a unique piece of great warmth and softness, easy to use and very flattering.

The elaboration of the fabrics in manual looms, allows us to influence each one of them individually, giving them a particular and unrepeatable character; it is practically impossible to find two identical pieces

And with a 0% carbon footprint during its preparation!!!!

Like all the garments that leave our workshop, it has been individually woven with all the care it needs. Gently wash by hand with neutral soap and lukewarm water

.Handmade Ethnic Poncho unique piece.

Composition: 40% merino; 35% alpaca; 10% mohair; 5% cotton; 5% natural silk; 5% multifiber

Color: variations on green warp.

Measurements: 120 x 210 cm


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