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Chal de Alpaca Baby / Seda Natural

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Shawl woven on a low smooth handloom with baby alpaca and natural silk chenille.

Baby alpaca is one of the most valued textile fibers due to its magnificent qualities: with a very soft texture, it is an excellent thermal regulator; It is very easy to maintain, as it does not wrinkle and repels odors.

Its characteristics of lightness, warmth, resistance and durability are added to its properties as a natural fiber that make it hypoallergenic and organic.

The name alpaca baby refers to the first shearing of the animal and produces a top quality fiber.

Natural silk, a fiber obtained from the bombix mori worm, has properties that differentiate it from other natural fibers. Being a continuous fiber, its strength and softness are unique. With a dry touch and natural shine, it has an excellent fall, suitable for use in both winter and summer.

This piece with a very soft touch, is woven with a decoration of fine stripes taking advantage of the ribbon shape of the chenille, has no added dye, which makes it a sustainable and ecological garment.

Like all the garments that leave our workshop, it has been individually woven with all the care it needs. Gently wash by hand with neutral soap and lukewarm water.

Composition: 75% Baby Alpaca 25% Natural Silk

Colour: Ecru

Measurements: 210 x 70 cm


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